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Our primary objective is to connect the managers and operators of Education & Health Care Facilities with physical plants and campuses of the highest functional efficiency.

We strive to create balance and harmony among building(s), infrastructure and location.

The experience and client/project focus that our firm, F.P. Dino, brings to this development relationship is of extraordinary quality. We endeavor to relieve the client from the time demand and convolution associated with the pursuit of government approvals and the entire development process through to furnishing for occupancy. This properly allows a business person to flourish within their comfort zone, doing what they do best.


F.P. Dino provides financial assistance to institutions by:

  • Assisting schools with facilities acquisitions and/or improvements at below-market rates.
  • Assisting in the origination of the debt used to enable the institution to acquire, renovate, or construct school facilities and Senior Living Facilities.
  • Assisting with the securitization of personal or real property that may be necessary to begin or support the operation of the schools and Senior Living Facilities.
  • Facilitating financing by potential lenders.
  • Facilitating the issuance of bonds by publically funded schools or other public entities for the benefit of charter schools and Senior Living Facilities.

These concepts along with other detailed offerings are provided to ensure a proliferation of our client/tenant’s business philosophies. They also serve to guard against any threats that may upset their normal business deployment, perpetuate success and reliable, continual growth.

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